Our Ice Cream

Archers Jersey Ice Cream is made with local luxury milk, produced exclusively at New Moor Farm, by the pedigree Newmoor herd of Jersey cows. The herd is made up of 350 adult cows which produce 1500000 litres of rich jersey milk in a year. Our milk is tested weekly at the National Milk Laboratories.


Simply Jersey

Jersey milk and cream from our own Pedigree Jersey herd. Nothing added – pure taste.

Vanilla Pod

Vanilla pod made with Vanilla pods grown in Madagascar for that extra taste.


Packed full of fresh strawberries. Locally sourced when in season.


Made from our home grown Champagne Rhubarb.


Deliciously chocolatey, tastes like continental chocolates.

Cinder toffee and caramel

Introduced to us by some friends from New Zealand, from a famous recipe.

Raspberry Pavlova

Made with fresh raspberries and small pieces of meringue.

Rum and Raisin

The raisins are soaked in white Jamaican rum overnight then added to the ice cream mix.

Toffee and Fudge

Pieces of Loopy Lisa’s fudge, in our toffee flavoured ice cream.


The almonds are first made into a brittle crunch then added to amaretto ice cream topped with amaretto biscuits.

Passion Fruit

Proprietor John Archer was raised in Kenya, and re-created this childhood flavour.


Made with stem ginger, before adding chunks of ginger pieces.


A very distinctive flavour

Christmas Pudding

All the flavour of Christmas Pudding, but a lighter alternative. (Well – a little bit lighter anyway)

Lemon Cheese Cake

An exciting new flavour, full of lemon zing !


Made with fresh bananas


Our own espresso blend


Very rich and nutty


Made with fresh fruit

Mint Choc Chip

A children’s (and adult’s) favourite


With fresh coconut

Cookies and Cream

Oreo biscuits in a creamy ice cream

Fruits of the Forest

Using fresh seasonal fruit

Lemon fruit ice (sorbet)

An alternative to dairy, using fresh lemons

Raspberry Fruit Ice (sorbet)

Made with a kilo of fruit per five kilo pan


With espresso coffee and Fino sherry

Black Cherry

Disctictive cherry taste

Mango Yoghurt

A delicately Flavoured yoghurt ice cream


Ice cream cakes. Any two flavours can be made to order and decorated for that special occasion or birthday.

Strawberry cake or passion fruit ice cream decorated with kiwi and physalis fruit

Fresh Jersey Milk